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About Olvera Cast Stone

Where Hand-made, Quality Cast Stone Products is Proven!

In today’s world of construction, Olvera Cast Stone is proud to be a leader in the cast stone industry. Every company starts from the ground floor and works its way to the top against hardships to become a recognized and stabilized company. Olvera Cast Stone’s owner and President Salvador Olvera began his career in 1989 to enhance the creativity in the architectural design of the cast stone industry. Dedicated to the art and accuracy of producing fine cast stone by hand, Mr. Olvera faced the hardships of starting a business. He began in 1990 with a 10’x20’ building where he started with his first designs such as keystones and address blocks. With only a wheel barrel, shovel, and his bare hands, he mixed the sand, cement, and pit rock which created the art that satisfied every customer that arrived at his company for the first time.

Encouraged by the commendation and appreciation from his many customers, he operated and managed every project handed to him. His designs increased from keystones and address blocks to door and window surrounds, column caps, subdivision custom entry signs, balustrades, and fireplaces, to name a few. The past few years, he has supplied commercial and residential projects for many companies such as MPI, Tejano Construction, Wolfe Masonry, All Masonry, Big Masonry, Legacy Homes, Choice Homes, Gehan Homes, America Premier Homes, Texas First Builders, Longoria Masonry, and FPC Masonry.

In 2000, Olvera Cast Stone expanded to a 40’x100’ building, to provide even better quality and more choices for our clients. This allows our costumers to order from our extensive inventory or to create their own custom-designed architectural elements. Also Mr. Olvera has invested in better machines such as mixers and compressors to provide better quality products, of which every step is created by hand. Today, our materials have been part of many projects in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Laredo Texas. We have excelled beyond our competition and our projects prove our hard work and dedication. Hand-made quality is provided every day by Olvera Cast Stone!

Testimonials for Olvera Cast Stone

FPC Masonry has been buying from Salvador Olvera for 12 years and we couldn’t be more satisfied with there job. They are well organized and trustworthy people. They have always been professional towards us and the jobs.
- Roxanna Palacios, FPC Masonry

We have found the pricing of Olvera Cast Stone products are very competitive and his understanding of scheduling and quality are excellent. They deliver quality finished products.
- Jesse Candelas, Materials Products International